Friday, December 31, 2010

How To Get Your Heart's Desires Now!

 Zen means enlightenment and empowerment so that we can achieve or manifest the greatness within us. Each month I bring you another piece or pieces to solving or easing some of life’s challenges.

So, I want you to take a deep breath in through your nostrils and let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this seven times, until you feel peace and tranquility enter your body and mind. Relax and try to be one with the Holy Spirit.

We desire spiritual growth which will come as you absorb and digest truth then practice it in your daily life. Embrace who you are and continue to focus your faith on manifesting the desires of your heart. Allow God to work things out in His time and His way. Change is necessary to get you where you want to go. Embrace change, let go, let God.

God wants us to be better, to prosper, even as our soul prospers, that means better health, more wealth and the ability to give to others less fortunate. God wants us to control our flesh and exist on a higher spiritual plane. Whatever your issues are today, allow God to come in and adjust your life. Lay your ego down before the Most High so that he can help you to live a better life and be a better example to those around you, your sons and daughters, your family and friends and if you are a leader, your followers. Get right with God before you endeavor to lead. Live right so you can lead right. If you cannot see right how can you lead a people?

It is possible for us to live on a higher plane of spiritual awareness; when you live a holy life your pain, trials, heartache, difficulties are lessened tremendously. In that state of higher spirituality we can then become a conduit for the Holy Spirit to flow through, like a clear river, thereby creating immeasurable power and causing negative principalities to flee. Here are some steps to take to get the desires of your heart this holiday season:

  1. Take time to walk in the park or beach. This will clear your head so you can think clearly about what you desire out of life.
  2. Write down the three most important things you desire before the year is done. Cut out the paper you wrote it on and fold it neatly and place it in your purse or wallet with 3 gold dollar pieces. (You can use paper money also.)
  3. Each morning, read them out loud and pray to God to grant you these desires. The power of your faith is infinite.
  4. Each weekend, Saturday or Sunday, give someone those three gold dollar pieces, donate it to a church or give it to someone who does not have. At least one day of each week, do a favor for someone. A good deed, some selfless act, where you don’t expect anything in return. God sees.
  5. Speak positively about yourself to yourself and speak positively to others. Encourage others at home, at work, wherever encouragement is needed. Attitude determines altitude. Believe you can and you will.
  6. Respect yourself and your dreams. Your dreams are important. If you can dream it you can do it. Respect other peoples’ dreams. Don’t scoff or laugh at other people’s ideas or dreams.

I know you can manifest the desires of your heart this holiday season and all of next year too. I have done it and my desires and dreams are being realized. Trust God. Let me know how it works out for you. Take time out and drop me an email to or send me a note in the mail. Peoples First Baptist Church, P.O Box 340521, Jamaica, NY, 11434. I’m also on Facebook @LadySimone. Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s! Peace & Love.

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